Welcome to FIRSTPICK.net
FIRSTPICK has been buying and selling fine art & antiques on the internet since 1991 and later on Ebay since joining the ebay auction
community in October of 1996 (we actually joined ebay as a buying member in 1995 four months after ebay began). FIRSTPICK has occupied a
warehouse/office facility(over 12,000 SF) in Boca Raton, Florida since 1991. So after two decades in the same location, you can hardly
call us the new kids on the block. We offer DIRECT FROM THE ESTATES fine art and antiques at affordable prices from our ebay seller site
properly named FIRSTPICK lists its new entry items each Wednesday and Thursday of every week for time periods of ten (10) days for each eBay
auction and 30 days for a fixed price, make offer listing. Please BOOKMARK "FirstPick" on eBay and check out our for sale listings.

If you have a question, want to buy or sell or just want to make a preliminary offer for a current or expired auction,
please feel free to email us at: firstpickfineart@gmail.com

Please Feel Free to CALL RICK at: